Beginning January 1, 2017, violators of the Mississippi excavation laws, Miss. Code. Ann. § 75-13-1, et. seq., are subject to civil penalties including warning letters, safety training, and/or monetary fines.  Pursuant to applicable law, the Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Board (the “Board”) is charged with establishing rules and procedures to be used by its Executive Committee in investigating alleged violations and imposing civil penalties.   Although the investigation rules and procedures are not yet final, any person may report an alleged violation of the Mississippi excavation laws by electronically completing and submitting an Underground Facilities Alleged Violation Reporting Form.   The Board will collect submitted forms, and will investigate alleged violations when the rules and procedures are finalized.  Note –Any person submitting an Underground Facilities Alleged Violation Reporting Form is required to collect and preserve all documents, information, and other evidence related to the alleged violation until such time that said evidence is requested by the Board.